Character Design Character Design Cool Gator Digital Illustration 204405089 Steampunk Camera Pirate Woman Commission for Martin Hobby Photography (This was later tattoo'ed on his leg!) 198588205 Unicorn Digital Illustration 201763112 Cute Seal Digital Illustration 201763114 Thistlewoe Commission for a character avatar. Pencil and Photoshop 198220105 Judgemental Schnauzer Charcoal and ink on wallpaper 198220101 Gangly Flamingo Charcoal and Pastel on Fabiano Paper 198220102 Sweet Yeti Chalk and collage on Black Paper 198220009 Lab Bunny Watercolour, pencil, ink and acrylic paint on old book pages 198220012 Robotic Circus Hippo Pencil and pastel on old parcel paper 198220015 Groblitz Pencils and pen on parcel paper 200317983 Frog-Goblin Pencils and pen on parcel paper 200317984 Gangster Toys Pen on Paper 201763113 Kangeragon Ink and Watercolour on old Wallpaper 201763115 Watercolour Pig Ink and Watercolour 201763171 Inky Bat Ink 201763172 Monkey Digital Illustration 203456976